Radio Data Code Manual

Worldwide HF Communication Today

18th and final edition 2008!

The standard international reference book for COMINT ELINT MASINT SIGINT. Used worldwide by intelligence and radio monitoring services for training and operation - see our list of references. 18th edition, totally revised and updated. Includes more than 130 graphics and screenshots.

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Teleprinter alphabets
Digital data transmission systems
ICAO location indicators
WMO meteorological observing stations

The Radio Data Code Manual has 604 pages.

Table of contents

Digital data transmission on HF: innovative and state-of-the-art analysis / classification / decoding / display equipment, with dozens of sample screenshots and full manufacturer's details.

Digital data transmission system tables

Comprehensive lists of worldwide coast station identification numbers, coast station's Maritime Mobile Service Identities (MMSI, total 566 entries), ship station selective call numbers, and selective call numbers for predetermined groups of ship stations

Meteorological telecommunication: New alternate heading / product category AWIPS identifier in GTS messages, plus updated MTN and RMTN charts. Latest versions of AIREP AMDAR ARFOR BATHY METAR PILOT ROFOR SHIP SPECI SYNOP TAF TEMP TESAC TRACKOB WINTEM codes with detailed explanations and decoding of sample messages, incorporating considerable modifications particularly to AMDAR, METAR, SPECI, and TAF. Index numbers of 11,494 land observing stations worldwide. Thousands of new WMO index numbers particularly in Australia Bahrain Canada Denmark Finland Georgia Germany Italy Moldavia Norway Pakistan Romania Russian Federation South Africa (Republic of) Swaziland Switzerland Thailand.

WMO observing stations

Aeronautical telecommunication: Worldwide air traffic control beyond 2010 by means of ACARS and CPDLC. 940 aeronautical and meteorological abbreviations. Location indicators of 13,726 aeronautical fixed stations worldwide, now including additionally hundreds of offshore oil platforms and thousands of new locators particularly in Alaska Angola Argentina Armenia Australia Austria Azerbaijan Belarus Belgium Brazil Bulgaria China Croatia Cuba Denmark Germany Georgia Greenland Guatemala Guyana Iceland Indonesia Iraq Italy Kazahstan Kenya Mexico Mongolia Namibia Netherlands Nicaragua Norway Paraguay Peru Russian Federation Solomon Islands South Africa (Republic of) Spain Sudan Tanzania Ukraine United States of America Zambia.

ICAO location indicators

These comprehensive lists are much more correct than the original ICAO and WMO publications that have many errors and omissions!

Unicode: the realization of a revolutionary idea. The 18th edition features the very latest script tables, e.g. Arabic with 41 new character codes and Cyrillic with 27 new ones. Standard code tables for all major scripts worldwide within a truly universal and simple system for global electronic information exchange. 33 national alphabets are covered with script samples and screenshots: Arabic Armenian Assamese Azerbaijani Bengali Bopomofo Burmese Chinese Cyrillic Ethiopic Farsi Georgian Greek Gujarati Gurmukhi Hebrew Hindi Japanese Kannada Khmer Korean Lao Latin Malayalam Mongolian Oriya Punjabi Sinhalese Tamil Telugu Thai Tibetan Vietnamese.

Unicode tables

For decades, this standard international reference book has been cited by independent authors on several Wikipedia pages.

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