2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations

Professional HF Communication Today

Includes the very latest frequencies used now in the digital age!

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Frequency list
Frequency list - aeronautical band
Frequency list - maritime band
Station list
Worldwide meteo schedules
Worldwide NAVTEX schedules

Today, worldwide HF e-mail networks are the hottest talk in town for aid agencies, business companies, coastal stations, non-governmental organizations, the International Red Cross, the United Nations, and terrorist organizations. Only this guidebook gives you hundreds of brandnew frequencies and screenshots! New chapters cover disaster communications and terrorist networks as well. Here are the really fascinating radio services on shortwave: aero, diplo, maritime, meteo, military, police, press, and telecom. Our bestseller - for 32 years!

The new 2019/2020 Guide to Utility Radio Stations has 550 pages.

Covers the complete shortwave (HF) range from 3 to 30 MHz, plus the adjacent frequency bands from 0 to 150 kHz and from 1.6 to 3 MHz. Again includes more than 280 fascinating new screenshots from the world leader in advanced digital data transmission and teleprinter systems monitoring and decoding. Comprises 8,467 frequencies monitored during 2018 with call sign, station name, ITU country symbol, type(s) of modulation and corresponding return frequency, or times of reception and details. Another 700+ brandnew frequencies monitored in 2019 can be downloaded here! A handy index lists 1,600 stations in 250 countries for rapid access. Plus: Meteorological radiofax/radiotelex stations. Worldwide NAVTEX schedules of navigational and meteorological warnings on 424, 428.6, 486, 490, and 518 kHz. International call sign series. NATO Routing Indicator system. Name and traffic abbreviations and signals. Q- and Z-code groups. Phonetic alphabet and figure code. SINPO and SINPFEMO codes. Designation of emissions. Classes of stations. Terms and definitions. Aeronautical and Maritime Mobile Service frequency allocation plans. The Utility Radio Guide is the ideal companion to the new 2020 Shortwave Frequency Guide for the "special" stations on shortwave!

With 51 years of experience in the field of worldwide radiocommunication via HF, we predicted already in 2000 that HF e-mail will continue to spread rapidly and will soon develop into the major application of modern digital HF techniques that we have marketed - and used! - for years. Interestingly enough, the immense potential of HF e-mail has not been monitored - let alone realized! - by any other author and publisher so far. Only the new Klingenfuss products for 2020 take this fascinating new trend into full consideration - now! We - who else? - provide hundreds of brandnew HF e-mail frequencies and screenshots. Among our customers are dozens of intelligence, radio monitoring and secret services worldwide: see our never-ending list of references and professional customers!

New improved layout of the frequency list

Station list

Meteorological radiofax and radiotelex schedules

Update 15 FEB 2020: totally revised Kodiak schedule - click to enlarge!

Update 15 FEB 2020: totally revised Boston schedule - click to enlarge!

Update 15 FEB 2020: totally revised San Francisco schedule - click to enlarge!

Update 10 FEB 2020: totally revised Hamburg Meteo schedule - click to enlarge!

Update 25 JAN 2020: strong Honolulu signal on unscheduled 8295.7 kHz - click to enlarge!

Update 29 MAR 2019: totally revised Shanghai Radio schedule - click to enlarge!

Update 14 JAN 2019: totally revised Soul Meteo schedule - click to enlarge!

Worldwide NAVTEX schedules

New digital data transmission frequencies allocation plan
for the Maritime Mobile Service - in force since 2018!

More than 280 new screenshots - click sample pages to enlarge

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